I’m a freelance writer that works mostly on Upwork but also have a couple of clients that aren’t connected through any platform. So far, I’ve tried a dozen of freelance platforms and so far Upwork has proved to be the best source of income for me. For a writer that’s not from an English-speaking country, starting out can be tough. I know all about being rejected just because I’m not from the US, England, Australia, or some other English-speaking country.

Freelance Writing Manual is meant to give you the best possible tips when it comes to registering on a platform, filling out your portfolio, writing cover letters, and everything else that goes with it. Everything I will write about here comes from my own experience. I know what works and what doesn’t work. Naturally, I will talk about how to succeed at Upwork, since this is where I got most of my experience, but these tips and strategies can be applied to pretty much any other platform and almost any other freelance job there is.

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